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Logo design

Visual branding

Soundcheck is a chaplaincy providing care and support for the holistic wellbeing of DJs, producers, artists and music professionals. This new initiative needed a logo and visual branding to inform their website.

People working in the music industry are up to three times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population. The industry has been persistently lacking in adequate support, with the link between musicians and depression being romanticised rather than tackled.

The logo takes the iconic image of the hand of a DJ on vinyl and makes it into two hands. This instantly shifts the meaning to a relationship and evokes the narrative of an arm around the shoulder in support. Clean, almost clinical rendering of the logo was consciously chosen to differentiate from any romanticism.

The colour palette, primary font choice and layout treatment were developed to resonate with the DJ industry, so positioning the chaplaincy as both understanding and relevant to its audience. The secondary font then conveys a compassionate and care-inspired aesthetic.

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