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FareShare Midlands

FareShare Midlands is a regional franchise of FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.  The newly formed franchise from a merger of East and West Midlands was in the process of writing their vision and strategy.


FareShare Midlands


Visual brand development

Graphic design

Infographics & icons

Style guide

The vision and strategy needed to communicate and engage a broad audience of employees, community group members, supporters and volunteers, in order to ensure an effective integration and the long-term success of the merger.

On reviewing the FareShare brand and guidelines it became evident that FareShare Midlands would significantly benefit from a fresh approach to its visual branding. An update to keep relevant, cater to the evolving needs of the marketing team would serve as a visual signal of the new entity. 

The brand development was carefully considered so as not to lose any of the existing alignment with FareShare UK. The existing toolkit was developed by adding a new secondary palette. By sourcing a free font that very closely resembled the national corporate font, removed the cost barrier to all the regional communications looking  professional.

The five strategic objectives in the vision and strategy were given a set of icons to give them a visual identity and greater prominence. Rendered in a hand-drawn style these reflect the human-centred approach that lies at the heart of charity.

To help with audience engagement, we identified 12 key achievements and targets to create into infographics.

These infographics distilled the vision and strategy into memorable, accessible, sharable pieces that effectively communicate with every level of FareShare's internal and external audience, so fostering greater understanding and connection.

People and culture strategy icon with it's five subcategory icons