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Tregonce Farm 


Tregonce Farm


Logo design
Visual branding

Graphic design

Website design and build


Tregonce Farm is 16th Century Cornish farmhouse renovated for holiday rental. Situated near Rock and boasting wonderful views over an estuary.

The brief was to create a visual identity and website for this rustic luxury holiday home that would resonate with the target customer of large multi-generational families who love the outdoors.

A grand old tree standing the in farmhouse garden provided inspiration for the logo. Its distinctive leaning shape, sculpted by the prevailing winds, is common to the Cornish landscape so signifies the location, the outdoors and is unique to Tregonce Farm.  

Initial concepts explored themes of heritage, or the rustic charm, or 21st Century luxury in their treatment. Through collaborative development with the client, the concepts evolved into a final design. The logo blends  elegant simplicity and quirky letter forms, perfectly aligning with the rural and rustic luxury character of the property.

The colour palette celebrates all the elements of the Cornish outdoors, taking inspiration from tree greens, beach sand, sky blues, white surf and sea green. The brand fonts were selected to compliment the logo and continue the themes of rustic and contemporary.