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Young H&F

Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation 


Young H&F

In collaboration with Voy


Graphic design


600 young people from Hammersmith and Fulham shared their feedback on life in their Borough. The challenge was how to make 48 sets of results in this 65 page report, comprehensible and engaging thus ensuring their needs get heard.

We utilised six different data visualisation techniques to present the questionnaire results, chosen on their clarity and capacity to uncover insights and narratives within the data. Where pertinent, full-page visualisations were employed to encourage deeper engagement with specific subject results.

The report was designed using the Young H&F font and colour palette. Direct quotes from young people in the report, were brightly coloured and highlighted to amplify their perspectives.

The front cover graphic used the visual  metaphor of sound level graphics rising out of the Borough boundary.

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