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Lawray Architects


Lawray Architects


Visual brand refresh

Website: map, wireframe, design

Graphic design

Infographics & Icons

Motion graphics

Event stand design

Website build


Lawray Architects are known for their innovative, sustainable solutions in the built environment and award winning net zero carbon, in operation retrofit.

Lawray’s visual branding was limited, inconsistent and it was keenly felt their dated website was underserving them in recruiting key new appointments. I worked closely with the head of communications on this brand refresh. The refresh brand was applied to the website, to presentation decks, to motion graphics and to an exhibition stand. This cohesive refresh strengthened Lawray's resonance and recognition across touch points and platforms.

The first step was, updating the logo by simplifying the design and increasing the typeface weight. This enhanced legibility and impact which is important for small scale digital application and social media.

Lawray prioritise personal relationships and had recently defined their values: emotionally intelligent, curious, innovative, collaborative, ethical and socially responsible. The colour palette’s six additional colours and two new fonts visually align with their values and human centred approach.

The next tool in visual brand kit is large scale photography to showcase Lawray's creativity and expert design solutions. All this completes the base toolkit with the scope to create a cohesive visual identity across all brand material applications.

The new website improved user experience with a streamlined journey, reducing clicks to project pages, then offering related content featured on every page for continued exploration. The introduction of full-screen photography showcases projects.