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Powered by Coffee


Powered by Coffee


Visual brand roll-out

Graphic design

Team portraits


Editorial illustration

Brand design 


Powered by Coffee are a digital development agency and WordPress VIP Partner, specialising in open source solutions for publishers, content producers and digital brands.

S-T had created a brilliant new logo and visual brand with guidelines for Powered by Coffee. However, it needed to be rolled-out across the marketing collateral with cohesion and impact.

Working with Powered by Coffee's marketing lead, their pitchdeck was the first item I produced for the roll-out. It uses the logo, colour and palette as specified in the branding guidelines. 

The deck is punctuated with hand-drawn marks and symbols suggestive of Powered by Coffee's core strengths of thinking, collaboration and adaptability while conveying a human touch, warmth and honesty.

The combination of a team working remotely, social distancing measures and some being camera shy was the perfect storm for an illustrated team portrait solution. This hand-drawn approach extends the visual established by the marks and symbols used in slide deck, while maintaining the distinctive brand identity.