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Panthera Pets 

Panthera Pets is a pet care start-up, offering dog walking and cat feeding with genuine care, veterinary nurse expertise and peace of mind for pet owners.


Panthera Pets


Logo design

Visual branding

Graphic design 


Through clarifying the brief with Panthera Pets, we identified the target audience for the brand as busy professionals, whose pets are dearly loved members of the family and they are seeking high-quality, reliable care for their cats and dogs. 

The logo positions the company as cat and dog care and the polished rendering communicates high-end care. Drawing on nature, the colour palette celebrates healthy walks out in the park.

The photography direction is about happy pets in the comfort of their home environment, or images capturing their individual quirks, illustrating that Panthera Pets understand and care for these little characters, just like an owner.

Social media banners and website imagery